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Updated, zondag 26 januari 2003
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EU proposal for determining which Member State is responsible for Asylum applications by refugees

Amsterdam, August 1, 2001. 

On July 27, 2001, the European Commission adopted a proposal for a Council Regulation laying down the criteria and mechanisms for determining the Member State responsible for handling an asylum application.

This Regulation is to replace the Dublin Convention of June 15, 1990, and it is based on Article 63(1)(a) of the EC Treaty.

Member State of Entry Responsible

The main principle laid down in the Regulation is the responsibility of the Member State in which the asylum seekers is entering the Union.

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EU Regulation in case of 
mass influx of Refugees

Amsterdam, July 31, 2001. 

On July 20, 2001 the EU Commission adopted a Directive regulating and setting the norms for temporary protection of refugees in the event of a mass influx of displaced people into the European Union.

The Commission wants to be able, by this Directive, to act quickly in a Kosovo like situation.

The Justice and Home Affairs Commissioner Vitorino welcomes this Directive: "It is the first in a series of initiatives with a humanitarian concern."

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Record high Dutch Immigration

Amsterdam, July 16, 2001. 

In the last 12 month the increase of immigration into Holland grew with 10%, reports the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS ).

For 2000 the CBS reports 133 000 immigrants. A record number of people entering Holland. In comparison to the year before the number of immigrants rose with 10%. The CBS expects for this year a higher total.

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EU Commissioner Vitorino proposes a structural EU Immigration Policy

Amsterdam, July 13, 2001. 

The EU Commission adopted on Wednesday 11 July a proposal for a Council Directive regulating the entry of paid employees of outside EU nationals.

At the Tampere summit of October 1999 the European Council set out a mandate for the Commission to develop a common Immigration and Asylum policy. 

The Commission wants to open a new phase in the EU immigration policies. 

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Historisch artikel

De Nederlandse Politiek en  de Joodse Vluchtelingen
van 1933 tot 1940

Daan Diederiks
17 september 1999

[Relevant Books from]
Refugee Protection in Europe
Lessons of the Yugoslav Crisis
by Joanne van Selm-Thorburn

Thorough study of European asylum policies in the aftermath of the Yugoslav crisis. 
She argues in favour of the "European policy apparatus to move together."
"After decades of short-term vision, the chance offered by coordination discussions to take a long-term vision and create a range of flexible mechanisms, including a notion of short-term protection for certain categories should be taken."

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